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A Bit About Us

More Info About The Team

Founded at South Dakota School of Mines in 2021, our team has worked extensively to design our first generation boat. Working with students from a range of disciplines has allowed the team to look at the problem through a range of different backgrounds and expertise.   


More Info About The Competition

Teams from around the world design autonomous surface vehicles (ASV) to navigate through a challenge course. Aside from demonstrating some impressive maritime maneuverability, these student-built boats are designed to tackle tasks that mimic real-world challenges facing the maritime industry. These challenges include coastal surveillance, port security and other types of oceanographic operations.

For More Information Check Out the Competition Website.


Along the way, students gain real-world exposure by tackling ‘big boat’ challenges seen in the robotics industry. Working with real world engineering issues to foster the growth of the next generation of engineers.

Not to mention all of the friends they will make from not just their school but across the world. 


The Idea

September 2021

Hadi Fekrmandi in cooperation with NAVSEA proposed forming a club to compete in the RoboBoat competition. Samuel Irwin took up the task of leadership and started finding initial members.

The Core Team

October 2021

Sam reached out to Kyle Houchin, and the two of them started recruiting members. They quickly grew to a team of seven to eight. These members became the core of the team and many are now officers and team leads.


End of the Year

May 2022

By the end of the year we had finally passed ten members and became an official student organization. We had also had a good start on software, a mockup of the hull, and the final electrical system in place. In addition we were registered to compete online.

Picking it up Again

August 2022

This year we picked took off running. We found team members to expand, redesigned the hull using CFD, expanded our code repository, and found a new faculty advisor as our old one left SD Mines.


Where are we now?


We have completed the hull design, found a testing site with the YMCA. We are now focused on getting to competition. This means that we need you. We currently don't have enough funding to travel to competition. If you are interested in helping us please check out the contact page. Thank you.

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